Where is America’s Debt

Our debt is higher than GDP. It’s crazy


Worldwide Healthcare Costs


White Families Have 20 times More Wealth Than Black Families

The article

But unfortunately all of us are in dire straights.


I do not believe in conspiracy theories

Conspiracy Theorist was a term created by the government during the Kennedy independent investigations.

I do not believe in conspiracy theories, I believe in “alternative research”.

25 million people in America are out of work, underemployed or gave up. In a country where 70% of our GDP is based in consumer purchasing activity this is unsustainable.

CEO Madness: Corporate Tax Dodgers

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant

This is insane but true. Out of the 100 highest paid companies in US, 25 pay more to their CEOs than they do in taxes.

Black & Decker CEO, John Lundgren earned $32 million
Black & Decker received a $75 million tax refund

Ford CEO, Alan Mulally earned $26 million
Ford received a $69 million tax refund

Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg earned $18 million
Verizon received a $705 million tax refund

Ebay CEO, John Donahue earned $12 million
Ebay received a $131 million refund

GE (owner of NBC) CEO, Jeff Immelt earned $15 million
GE (owner of NBC) received a 3.25 BILLION DOLLAR tax refund

In addition, CEO’s are being paid more today than ever. Let’s look at a ratio showing average CEO pay to employee pay.

In 1980, the average CEO to employee pay was: 42 to 1
IN 2010, the average CEO to employee pay was: 325 to 1

These companies often claim deferred taxes, but these kind of taxes can very well be paid never. This is disgusting in my opinion.

20 of the 25 companies paid more in lobbyist, than they did in taxes.

GE paid $42 million in lobbying.
And received $3.25 billion tax break.

source: executive excess report 2011


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My Resources

Here is a list of life resources that I’ve come across that I’ve either attended or plan to attend:

Personal Dynamics something I learned about through David Groode. This seems like it will be very productive for me or anyone else.

This is the custom coin site that I want to use to create coins for a special occasion.

The Great Courses is so cool. I love this site. So much knowledge at your access.

Brainetics is a great course on enhancing your math skills which makes math real fun.

Quantum memory is so awesome! It allows you to develop a mammoth memory beyond what you thought possible.

Tony Robbins intervention with Lindsey – who had challenges dealing with her husband and sick children.

Learn Spanish through associations

NLP Tools

Here is some stuff I found on Bill Frost and John Overdorf I need to buy.

Tony mentioned this book at UPW Orlando 2010, The Talent Code.

It seems pretty awesome.

Oneness Blessing Weekend Music List


Background Music During Registration: Deva Premal, Love is Space

Step 3: Chakra Dhyan

Krishnaraj Chakra Dhyan CD. Special 25 min version.

Otherwise, cue in 4 min and play to end of chakras, then fade out

CD #2

Step 4: Primal Relationship: Parents

Samskara shuddhi I:   Embrace, “Om Ram Ramaya” (6:25)

[20 + 10 + 5]  Essence, “Gayatri” I (9:45)

Dakshina, “Om Purnam I” (3:57)

Embrace, “Om Namo Bhagavate” (7:08)

Essence, “Yemaya Assessu” (3:30)

CD #3

Samskara shuddhi II:  Grace, “Ong Namo” (10:00)

[20 + 5 + 5]  Grace, “Ray Man Shabad” (15:43)

    • Grace, “Long Time Sun” (3:56)

Grace, “By Thy Grace” (7:44)

The Oneness Blessing Chant & Piano, “Anandagiri” (20:20)

    • Doors to Oneness, “Awareness” (5:20)


CD #4

Step 5: Children

Samskara Shuddhi: Song of the Irish Whistle, “Immigrant” (6:04)

[4 + 2 + 4]        Song of the Irish Whistle, “Down by the Salley Gardens” (3:50)

Oneness Blessing: Prajna-paramita hrdaya sutram (25:23) [2x, if necessary]

Shavasan + Break Doors to Oneness, “Awareness” (5:15)   [2x]

CD #5

Step 6: Partner

Written Exercise: Readiness for relat. Qs: Lightness of Being, “Gentle Touch”  (6:02)

Written Exercise:  Level of relationship:  Lightness of Being, “Purple Dawn” (4:32)

Samskara Shuddhi Grace, “Ra Ma Da Sa” (13:31)

[15 + 5-7]         Dakshina, “Om Hraum Mitraya” (4:17)

Songs for Inner Lover, “So Much Magnificence” (7:53)

Oneness Blessing: Moola Mantra (Deva Premal or any other Moola Mantra CD)

CD #6 – Good Dance Music (When? End of Saturday?)

Cross of the Changes, “Return to Innocence”

Gratitude and Celebration (Dancing): Latin Moola Mantra (Enzo)

Movies They Don’t Want You To See

redorblue pill

The Red Pill

Here’s the list of movies you MUST see.  Essential viewing for those who seek balance, understanding and truth.


Zeitgeist (The original) – This film explore the origins of Christianity from sociological perspective in the first act. It shows how where it’s symbols and characters come from and how it fits into human history. The second act explores 9/11, the mystery and unanswered questions behind it. The third exposes the banking and monetary system we currently live by.

While I cannot say I agree with every claim made in this film, it does raise many questions about society and ideas we hold to be truth without examination and poses logical explanations.

Food, Inc (trailer) – This film explores where your food really comes from and who controls it. How old is your food before it reaches the supermarket? Where does it come from? This will shock you.

Money as debt – This animated production gives us a lesson on how money, banking and debt really work. A fascinating dissection of economic theory and practice broken down into easy to understand language that is a must see for anyone living in a capitalistic society.

Food matters – This movie highlights the importance of good nutrition, what is good nutrition and why we are not educated on it or how to attain it. The ancient quote that the medical establishment was founded on “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Is brought to you in an entirely new understanding. Very powerful and eye opening.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth – This lecture shows the destructive power of high fructose corn syrup and what it does in our body upon ingestion on a chemical level. Although it is has negative impacts as powerful as alcohol, it is in most foods we consume on a daily basis around the clock.

Other titles to see

The Obama deception

The money masters


Who killed the electric car

A century of self

Loose change 9/11

The creation of the glob

Theft by deception


Freedom to fascism

What the bleep

King corn

Autism made in the USA


Prescription for disaster

Check out freedocumentaries.org

Mon santo


The future of food

The secret of stuff

Motherland-thefilm. Com


Confessions of an economic hitman

Making a killing

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